Value Added Services

Depending on your home, you may need to deal with five or more different contractors in order to handle all the work you want done. This can mean conducting research, comparing quotes, scheduling, managing and paying multiple providers, including to complete strangers. 


We take the hassle out of this process by managing it for you. You tell us which services you want from the long list of options below and we handle all of the details. All you have to do is pay the one monthly bill you receive from Your Home Free and we take care of the rest!

List of Value Added Services:



Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning of carpets, upholstery and draperies in the house. Cleaning of carpets should be done at least every 12 to 18 months. Upholstery should be cleaned every 12 to 24 months and draperies on a three-year schedule. A contract will specify areas to be cleaned.


Chimney Cleaning

Clean and inspect the chimneys in the house. Wood burning chimneys should be cleaned after a cord to a cord and half of wood has been burned or each year prior to the fire season.


Cleaning Service

Cleaning the house including bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, and bedrooms (entire house). We clean all floors by mopping hard floors and vacuuming all carpets in the house. All toilets and bathtubs and showers are cleaned on each visit. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning.

Gas Fireplace Tune-up

Tune-up and clean all parts of the unit, including the ignition system, burners, front glass and log sets. Change batteries in remotes.


Heating and Cooling

Service of the heating and cooling systems based on the season; service the heating equipment in the fall and AC system in the spring. This will ready the system for the approaching season.




Bed Weeding

This covers periodic weeding of flower beds. We recommend weeding every other week during the peak growing season for a total of 14 times per year.


Deck Power wash/Seal

Clean and seal wood deck surfaces. Power wash the deck and apply a clear sealant to all wood surfaces. This includes handrails, flooring and stairs. Extra cost if colored sealant required.


Driveway Sealing

Every 2-3year the driveway should be cleaned, cracks repaired and a new coat of sealant applied to the driveway.


Fertilizer, Seeding, Aeration

This service consists of five events. The four fertilizer applications include a pre-emergent crabgrass treatment, a broadleaf weed control treatment and two other fertilizer applications The service also includes core aeration and overseeding of the lawn in the early fall.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean the inside of the gutters on the house and remove any debris from the gutters and downspouts. Run water in downspouts to make sure they drain completely. In addition, we make minor repairs to the gutters as needed.




These services are one-off break-fix services provided to the homeowner. These services are based on the size of the job and are bid accordingly by Your Home Free and only offered to contract customers.

Lawn Mowing

The lawn service will take care of the mowing, edging and trimming of the lawn. Included in the service is the removal of all clippings from the yard and hard surfaces. We recommend an average of 28 cuts per year.

Leaf Cleanup

Clean and remove all leaves in the fall. Includes clean-up of lawn and all flower beds. It usually requires two to three visits depending on the property.


Outdoor Lighting

We inspect all of the lights in your landscape lighting system on a quarterly basis and change bulbs as needed.



Power Wash

Power wash the walkways, patios, synthetic decks and any other hard surfaces around the house. This service should be completed yearly.

 Pond Maintenance

Maintenance of the pond, pumps, filters and plants in the pond. This maintenance is completed 4 times a year, with monitoring happening each month.

Pool/Hot Tub Services

Weekly cleaning of the filters and skimmer devices. As part of the service, we will check the chemical levels in the water and add appropriate chemicals to balance. This service also includes the open and closing of the pool.

Pruning and Trimming

We recommend pruning shrubs and ornamentals several times during the growing season to remove deadheads and maintain the shape of the shrubs. Service includes cutting back of perennials in the fall.

Sprinkler Startup/Shutdown

In early spring, turn on the water to the sprinkler system and test each of the zones and heads. Program system. In the fall, turn off the system and blow all of the water out of the lines to prevent freezing and rupture during the

Window Cleaning

Clean the interior and exterior of all windows and skylights including storm windows, screens and sills.

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